DONE FOR YOU Facebook Advertising

Have you been trying to build “likes” on your page organically? It takes FOREVER and is very frustrating !  You post, and post … AND post and nothing! You ask your friends to “like” and they completely ignore you.


What does it take to attract the fans that you KNOW you can help?!


Increase Your Business Using Your Facebook Page!


I’m here to let you know that I’ve had clients who’ve experienced INCREDIBLE growth with Facebook ads!  For example, growth of 200+% in the first 30 days!  Or, how about engagement at less than 10 cents per click?!  Needless to say, they are really happy!



Facebook ads with Making Sense of Social Media


You are using Facebook to connect, engage and provide value to your incredible clients and customers but with few followers or zero engagement that just is not possible.


I’m here to introduce you to my FACEBOOK AD program that will help drive your Facebook traffic and engagement to that next level!


Click to sign up for a one month program that includes [but not limited to]:

  • Grow your LIKES on your Facebook page
  • Increase ENGAGEMENT with the great content you’re already providing
  • Promote EVENTS, exhibiting Social Proof for increased exposure
  • Drive TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website from the enormous audience spending hours every day on Facebook

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*Minimum requirement of $500 in ad budget per month

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