It only takes two things

Hello friends and readers … I apologize for being MIA for quite a few months. I’ve been extremely busy growing my business, and DANG it does that take time and effort!  I wouldn’t change it for anything though, I truly love my work! This leads me into today’s topic, and that is simply: it only…

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summer 2014

How to Take a Vacation from Social Media

“Summer time and the livin’ is easy” … ah yes, the ever famous Ella Fitzgerald swooned that tune once upon a time. In today’s blog post I’d like to show you how to TAKE a vacation from social media, without skipping a beat [or a note, in Ella's case]!     Everybody needs a break! It’s…

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Auto Industry Cover

Social Media for Car Dealerships

I absolutely LOVE working with car dealerships and their social media marketing! In fact, it’s got to be one of my FAVOURITE industries to work with! Today I’d like to present to you some of my history with working with social media for car dealerships, and how the baby bird flew the nest, and why…

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Facebook Save Feature

Facebook Save Feature

On my weekly Social Media Q&A Hangout I received this question: Is the new “Save” feature in Facebook active yet? I have to be honest, I felt kind of sheepish because I hadn’t even HEARD of that new feature yet [I've been so busy with client and project work, this one slipped by  me]! Well, wouldn’t…

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Pinterest slideshow cover

Pinterest Marketing Strategy using Community Boards

Here’s a unique Pinterest Marketing strategy using Community Boards that will not only help YOU, but it could potentially help 100’s of thousands of others spread the word about their amazing products and services! New Marketing is all about how much you can give back, and I can’t think of a better way, today anyway, than…

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facebook ads

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads

Here’s a STORY for you [ hehehehe #gotstory ] on why you should use  Facebook ads. Enjoy! I threw some bloopers in there for you this time, silly Lorri! Social media guru Jay Baer [a new favourite of mine] had this to say on his blog called Convince & Connect about some new things happening with Facebook ads: It’s…

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social strategy

What is Your Social Strategy

What is your social strategy? Do you even know? So, obviously [I hope it's obvious anyway] I love all things social — social media — social selling — social ads — social strategy! Mmhmmm, it’s like a passion for me!  I guess that’s why I do this for a living! Let’s talk STRATEGY! Social strategy…

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How to Schedule Posts using HootSuite [Tutorial]

Do you want to continue to share YOUR STORY … with your audience using social media while you are away on vacation this summer?   In this quick tutorial you will learn how to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + using the HootSuite bulk scheduling tool. is by far and AWAY one…

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slide 1

Five ways to re-purpose old content to benefit your business and keep you more awesome than Depeche Mode and cooler than Phil Collins

The remix is no stranger to the music world and it seems to me that social media content is now entering that remade world. Content is being repurposed, repositioned, redefined, redone and re & re’d more than an old 80’s hairband tune!   The reality is; . The reason that content needs to be refreshed…

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slideshare forl free leads

How to use Slideshare to get FREE Leads for Your Business

Every marketer I know is ALWAYS looking for free leads and free traffic. So, with that in mind … Slideshare Marketing Tips Use lots of visual metaphors As a general rule of thumb, PowerPoint type presentations shouldn’t be text heavy (less than 7 lines of text is considered a best practice by many). They’re a…

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