a reason and a season

Just like in life, business has its ups and downs of “a reason and a season”. You know that saying…

“People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you’ll know exactly what to do.”

This same concept holds true in business, and as entrepreneurs and small business owners, it behooves us to thoroughly understand this. We can’t anticipate nor expect clients and customers to last a lifetime, even IF and WHEN they love us and what we do.

I’ve had many many clients over the past nearly seven years of being a social media manager and consultant, and while I’ve never (that I know of) had a bad review or complaint, they’ve all moved on at one point. It’s like the baby bird leaving the nest, it’s actually kind of lovely to see them “fly” and succeed with their own social media marketing!

If we had the same clients month after month and year after year we would never have the space to grow and improve and expand upon our abilities, talents and what we have to offer the world. When there is that space, or even what feels like a void, that is the PERFECT time and opportunity to improve!

So you see, it’s necessary to have a “cleansing of the pallet” now and then. It keeps us in that place of flow and learning and bettering ourselves.

Consider this today as you are seeking new clients or developing that app or whatever it is that you do right now … the work should bring you the joy, the amazing people are simply the cherry on top. Whether they are with you for a day, a week or a decade, show your appreciation and be grateful for the journey!

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Lorri Ratzlaff

My mission is to help Make Sense of Social Media for businesses of all sizes and varieties.