Are you ready for 2018? It’s (unthinkably) almost here! Funny how when September 1st hits it’s almost like a slip ‘n slide towards the end of the year!

For those of us living the entrepreneur life, we MUST plan our days, weeks, months, years and lives. We don’t just wake up and do the same thing every day; we can’t. Not really. If we want success, we need to continue to evolve and stay in flow with our business and lives.

In order to get the MOST out of the next 12 months, and potentially make some changes in your life (if that’s what you are after) planning MUST take priority TODAY and every day, until the end of the year.

The most successful people and businesses in the world plan for it; they don’t just sit back and wait and see if it happens.

Here are six steps (reprised and “Lorri-ized” from to help you plan for an amazing year ahead! It’s not too late, so begin today!

  1. Define Your Ultimate Outcome / Goal
  2. Do Your Homework (remember high school when you didn’t do your homework and what happened there?)
  3. Involve your Customers/Community in your planning (this is a personal favourite, definitely check out their link!)
  4. Involve everyone (and if you are a one-person show, involve all of YOU)
  5. Write your plan down
  6. Don’t let the “little things” fall through the cracks because sometimes those are the biggest of things

So with (essentially) four weeks left to the  year, what will you do? Will you continue on in your usual way or will you choose to make your life extraordinary?

If you are like me, you are releasing the past, only saving what serves me, and moving forward with confidence, gusto, enthusiasm and positivity! 2018 is going to be a remarkable year; because it has been planned that way!

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Lorri Ratzlaff

My mission is to help Make Sense of Social Media for businesses of all sizes and varieties.