It's a new year and a clean fresh page on which to write a brand new story.

YOUR story; the one you CHOOSE!

Did you know that without a vision,

some goals and intentions and a

plan on how to get there, 2018 will

more than likely be exactly like

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 … you get

the picture.

choose your path

In 2018 I am choosing the path of how I want to feel. Life’s activities always must happen; but how we FEEL at the end of the day (or of an activity) is up to us….a choice. I have created a journal for myself, month by month, week by week, how I want to feel. It has suggestions and ideas on how I want my work to make me feel, how I want my relationships to make me feel, how I want to feel personally, for example, about my health and about my finances and my spiritual journey.

It’s not so much a journal of WHAT am I going to do, but how do I ultimately want to feel.  This is something that Danielle Laporte has certainly been known for so if you want to dive deeper into this topic here is her website.

I want to feel joyful, I want to feel satisfied, I want to feel challenged in a positive way, I want to feel wealthy, I want to feel healthy, and so on. 

Now is the perfect time to choose how you want 2018 to look. Choose wisely, filled with love, empathy, kindness and add a dash (or a ton) of hustle to make 2018 your best year yet!

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