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Facebook Ads & Power Editor I get a lot of questions about Facebook Ads and their Power Editor feature. While that is part of my Making Sense of Social Media training I’m happy to give you a lowdown of the features, and where I have been finding some of my information from!

What is Power Editor?
Power Editor is Facebook’s bulk ads creation and management tool. They say it is tailored specifically for large advertisers, however, I know plenty of small shops and “solopreneurs” who use it exclusively. [tweetherder]Power Editor is Facebook’s best tool for advertisers who need precise control of campaigns[/tweetherder].

Creating Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads

Facebook Ads & Power Editor Jon Loomer is a brilliant Facebook expert, and this graphic comes from his blog, explaining all about the new ad campaigns and sets and how they are to be laid out. You can read a great post on that here.

One of the many important elements of a success Facebook ad is the graphics you use. Facebook provides you with many stock images to use, but they are just that; stock. They are generic and EVERYBODY uses them. My recommendation is to use Canva and brand your own custom graphics for your ads. You will likely get a much better response!

For the most part though, I look straight to Facebook for all the answers I need. As you can see, they cover it ALL! Click on the picture to bring you straight there:

Facebook Ads & Power Editor


Till next time, #MakingSenseofSocialMedia for you & your business …


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