how to get kicked off of facebook

Want to get kicked off of Facebook? Then follow bad advice!

There are an endless supply of social media experts online these days; we see them in every ad and hear them in every video. It’s hard to be negative towards them, because, well, I’m one of them! I’ve been at this now for coming up to 7 years and while I absolutely love what I do and this industry, and I can also pick out a phony a mile away! Isn’t it like that in every profession?

A hot topic these days is growth and engagement. To be fair, these have always been hot topics since social media marketing has gone mainstream. Now with so many in the running for social media excellence and dominance more and more are taking risks and taking foolish chances.

Case in point, a Facebook live I heard yesterday basically had my blood boiling. This is my response…

The fact remains, you get to choose how you do your social media marketing. We can only offer guidance and should you choose to follow it, that is up to you. I laid out very clearly how I do things, and that is how I do  social media marketing for myself and for my clients as well. We are above board and grow community, which invariably turns into sales. Nice, and clean, and nobody get’s a sore bum from being kicked out!

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Lorri Ratzlaff

My mission is to help Make Sense of Social Media for businesses of all sizes and varieties.