Social Media Management


A great social media manager is someone who is able to adjust with the changing times, is a hashtag champion, detects and targets your audience, is detailed and organized, is “search conscious” with everything they create and post, is an app and tool ninja, studies daily to stay on top of social media trends, is experienced, honourable, and respected in their community.

*Prices vary.

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Social Media and Social Media Marketing are evolving at record speeds.


I run a full-service social media marketing agency, taking social media off your plate so you can WORK ON | BUILD | GROW your business!


What a good social media manager brings to the table…

  • We provide extensive brand awareness over and above your current marketing efforts
  • We create compelling, interesting, entertaining, thought-provoking content
  • We manage targeted campaigns and contests
  • We provide customer service
  • We run paid advertising to attract … whatever your desired outcome is (there are lots of options)

In the end, I free you up so you can do what you do best.

*There are several different pricing levels; monthly prices begin at $1,495 CDN. Connect with me for further pricing details.

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