Social Media Workshop


This local, in-person training workshop is perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are desperately looking to stay on top of social media marketing in 2017 and beyond!
Social media is evolving at break-neck speed, and it’s hard to keep up when you have little time left over every day AFTER running and growing your own business.
This session will be about learning and implementing social media marketing methods to help you:

*build (or continue to grow) your audience

*engage, and be engaging, with your audience

*learn crafty and time-saving creativity tricks and tools

*develop an SEO strategy through your social media

Price includes appies, 1 glass of wine and entry into the door prizes.

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Social Media and Social Media Marketing are evolving at record speeds.


My heart goes out to small business owners who want and need training on social media marketing and trends, yet don’t have the time or resources for what they need. This fun, interactive learning session will accomplish everything in one evening. You’ll learn what you NEED to move forward with your social media efforts, all the while having fun, meeting new people and enjoying a stress-free learning environment.

I have been training entrepreneurs and small business owners on social media marketing for years and know that I can help you get what you need, within budget.


I run a full-service social media marketing agency, taking social media off your plate so you can WORK ON | BUILD | GROW your business!

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