Would you like more time freedom and success with your Social Media Marketing?

This is Lorri Ratzlaff of Making Sense of Social Media, and she will help you achieve that! Here is her story:

It all started on a cool, wet, West Coast day back in early 2007 when she learned about Facebook. Lorri had already been chatting on AOL Instant Messenger and had seen that thing called “My Space” and was just terribly curious!

Lorri took an instant shine to it all as it allowed her to participate in many of her favourite things, all from the comfort of her home computer! First, she could “people watch” without looking creepy and (most importantly) hear their stories! Lorri really enjoys people watching at a mall or other public places as she is truly a very empathetic person and loves to hear people’s stories! Through Facebook, she was hearing what their actual stories were, and was hooked! Second, Lorri was able to encourage others; which is a huge part of Lorri’s success. We all have things that happen in life that we don’t know how we’re going to cope with or figure out. It gives her great satisfaction when she can uplift and encourage, even in the smallest way. Third, Lorri was able to share her love of photography and sharing of life’s adventures through a camera lens. She is no professional, but loves to take pictures! Lastly, she learned how to connect with people from all across North America and even across the globe and build relationships! THIS has been by far the most exciting part!

It didn’t take Lorri long to realize that businesses could definitely benefit from these types of relationship building activities, and, Making Sense of Social Media with Lorri Ratzlaff was born.

The mission of Make Sense of Social Media is to help businesses of all sizes and varieties. Whether you are a multi-national, multi-million dollar corporation ready to completely dominate the social space with strategic posts and targeted social ads, a small brick and mortar business or solo entrepreneur who just needs to know where to start, there is need everywhere and Lorri is here to guide you.

That could come in the form of teaching how to use Instagram and Snapchat for your business, or sometimes it is teaching advanced methods of SEOing a YouTube video or a Pinterest “hack”, how to use Facebook effectively or social advertising 101. The list goes on…

The goal is to bring you a return on your investment unavailable through other media forms, as well as save you time, money and the headaches of having to learn social media marketing for yourself.

Social media is evolving at a record pace, and we all need to stay on top of it in order to best serve our customers, current and yet to come!

While every situation is different, Lorri is here to help make SENSE of it all for you!


Her motto has always been “[tweetherder]A poorly planned and executed Social Media presence is worse than NO presence at all[/tweetherder].“

Since January 2011 Making Sense of Social Media has assisted many different types of businesses and brands in their social media marketing, such as [but certainly not limited to]:

* Automobile Dealership
* Mortgage Broker
* Notary Public
* Real Estate Agent
* Financial Planner / Adviser
* Furniture Store
* Golf Course
* Specialty Health Food Store
* Retail
* Specialty Farm
* Counselor
* SEO Specialist
* Specialty Patio and Outdoor Furniture Distributor
* Politician
* Music School
* Fashion Boutique
* Award-Winning Speaker / Author

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