The annual Content Marketing Institute’s annual report came out today on B2B Content Marketing … “2018 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America” … and there are some interesting results!

I first learned about this over on Convince and Convert, one of my favourite social media blogs, where Jay Baer spelled it out really well. You can read his interpretation of this year’s rundown here.

The stat that stood out the MOST to me is this … “60 percent of respondents are still missing the essential component to doing content marketing well” and that is having “a documented content marketing strategy“.

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I don’t understand this. How do you know where you are going, if you don’t have a map?

Strategy is your fastest route to progress, which is the stepping stone to success. Now, success is subjective, everyone has their own version of it; it may mean more followers, higher engagement rates, a larger list, bums in seats or sales of widgets. At the end of the day, IF you are using social media and content marketing to convert into whatever your idea is of success you WILL need a well-written and comprehensive strategy.

I have written MANY strategies over the past (almost) seven years of Making Sense of Social Media and the one main reason I see as to why people don’t get the success they’re looking for from those strategies is … THEY DON’T FOLLOW THEM.

Take the time needed, have persistence, follow the plan, bend when needed, tweak where you have to, but DON’T give up on the overall strategy that is laid out before you.

If you think the majority of companies that succeed with social media get there without a documented strategy, you’re wrong.

In the above video, Joe makes some REALLY great points about the future of content marketing. It’s like my friends of the internet and I always say … it’s about the community now, it’s not about us anymore. The next few years of social selling are going to be REALLY interesting!

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