I hear, almost daily, how TIME is the biggest factor for dealerships and other business owners and not achieving their social media goals.

They all say they don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get it done. 

As we all know, we all have the same number of hours in a day … not even Beyonce has more than the next person.

time is money

Here are some time saving tips for you to get your social selling goals achieved AND still grow your business!

Part One: Use social media tools

There are such a diverse myriad of social selling and social media tools on the market today; some free but most not. It will pay to do some research into which are the most advantageous for you and your business for content creation, management and social selling. My personal favourites are:

There are others that I don’t personally use, but are very good:

Here is a full list of amazing tools, curated by Buffer; this should get you off to a good start for filling that tool belt all or any of which will help you save time in the big picture.

Part two: Have your end goal in mind

Have your end goal in mind and “backwards engineer” how you are going to get to your goals, using the tools I suggested in part one.

By end goal I mean; customers in the door, people attending your events, test drives accomplished, names added to your list; etc. etc. Every business and even every dealership has different goals at different times. Right now I’m working on a campaign with a dealership client and it’s all about getting interested people in for the test drive. We’ve got ad campaigns set up for specifically that; the test drive. It’s not always JUST about the sale. It’s about building the relationship first, which is key #1 to social selling and modern day sales and advertising tactics. Billboards and radio blasts just don’t cut it anymore (for the most part, there still can be a place for it in some places, but it is getting fewer and farther between).

At the end of the day, knowing your goal FIRST before attempting to achieve it is imperative and will save you days, if not weeks and months of frustration. So MANY dealerships, and businesses in general, just start with no plan and no idea of what they want to accomplish; it’s no WONDER they think social media doesn’t work! 🤦‍

Part three: Have dedicated staff our contractors

In order for you to save the MOST amount of time with your social selling and ultimate desired outcomes, have either a dedicated staff member at the dealership or hire an outside contractor for social media management. Either way, that frees you and your staff up to do what they do best, and that is build and grow the business, and sell cars! You are not left with the task of not only learning how to best utilize social media, but also implementing what you learn (which is likely way more daunting that you can imagine).

Part four: Grow a community

Grow a community around you as opposed to a customer base. In today’s world of social selling this, while time consuming in the beginning, will be your fastest way to improving and increasing all your desired outcomes!

You can grow community through Facebook groups, through Messenger groups, through email marketing and chatbot marketing

time is money

Time is money. You want to make money so you must be aware of the time you put into social media. I’m the first to admit that social media CAN be a worm hole of sorts, it’s easy to get in … it’s not always so easy to get out. You need discipline, tools and a plan.

I hope these four steps will help you towards that end.

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Lorri Ratzlaff

My mission is to help Make Sense of Social Media for businesses of all sizes and varieties.